Having a well-designed landing page is a great advantage for your website because it has the ability to draw in users. There are three characteristics of an impeccable landing page: simple, well-designed, and speaks to the right audience.

Here are some helpful tips to take your landing page design to the next level:

Ad Copy and Page Headlines

The advertisement wording and the landing page headline should always match. Your AdWords score permits a website to determine the cost-per-click. You can boost this score by having matching content between the landing page text and the ad message.

Clear and Concise Headlines

One of the first things that a visitor will read is the landing page headline. You do not want it to be boring or confusing, but rather compelling. You want your visitors to take a closer look of what the headlines has to say. So, by having clear and concise headlines, there is a great chance that the visitor will read on. Remember to make your headlines catchy— addressing the main point of the entire content in a few words.

Excellent Grammar

Grammar needs to be impeccable throughout the website, not just in landing pages. Make it a habit to double and triple check your entire website content and have a guy or two to read it through. Always remember that having spelling errors or sloppy grammars in your website can be a big issue.

Include Trust Indicators

You might notice most online businesses nowadays include testimonials, reviews, and other security certifications in their websites. This is a very good strategy to build trust with your customers. Many websites who started to incorporate trust indicators into their website said there is a significant increase in their revenue. This can also be true to any online landing page.

Give Extra Emphasis to Buttons & Call-to-Actions

The very first step to this is to determine which keywords will most likely to catch the attention of your visitors. The most popular words are “free,” “buy,” “download now,” or “new.” You should make a conversion button stand out by placing it right below a call-to-action, or better yet make the call-to-action as the button. Just remember, the button should be bold, bright and catchy.

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