Content Marketing is even bigger than you think. In fact, content creation and publication continue to remain unsurpassed in importance, which causes traditional marketing budget decision makers to reallocate more funds to content marketing techniques. Even though content marketing has become very popular, some issues can still be encountered.

This article will discuss some of the predictions from online marketing experts about the important challenges that marketers will face in 2015 with regards to content marketing.

1. Smart distribution is the key to a successful publication

Many companies are already familiar with the fact that publication and content creation are important elements to consider for a good content marketing strategy. However, because more focus is given to these elements, the power of wise distribution is being underestimated.

Based on a survey conducted by the Altimeter, results suggest that only 26% of marketers are actually giving more attention to content distribution by investing in it. However, the study also says that more than half of them believe they need to.

So let’s say you have high-quality content. Of course, your goal is to make sure your content reaches your desired audience. Therefore, you have to come up with the best strategy for distribution that could set your business apart from everyone else. Consider these three factors for successful content distribution: Search and Mobile Optimization, constant communication with influencers in your field, and relationship building with branded publications.

2. Content marketing and social media are two inextricable elements of online marketing

You can’t deny the fact that social media is an internet marketer’s haven for distributing content. The social media are now considered as “amplifiers” of content, so businesses might as well embrace them as a whole as one of their main methods of content distribution. According to the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report made by the Social Media Examiner, 94% of marketers already know the crucial role of social media, and this year is the time when they fully realize its true importance as the most vital point of any distribution model.

With the greater focus on social media distribution, there will be an increase in organic usage and paid social media advertising. Organic marketing is a form of marketing strategy that aims to promote online content without involving paid media transactions, while paid media is where businesses use paid advertisements to promote their content. Because of this, there is a guaranteed increase in the budget allocation for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you are a clever marketer, you will not only use the social media to expand your audience reach, but also to generate potential leads by having control over advertised content.

3. Content-integrated ads will be more appealing to marketers as advertisements will become less popular

You may have witnessed the sudden rise of native advertising, which is known for publishing content that is coherent with the function of the platform in which it appears. The New York Times, BuzzFeed and Forbes are among the big publishers known for this trend. Natural advertisements like advertorials, branded content and sponsored content have become much more in demand. On the other hand, banner ads have become really ineffective and give nothing but perhaps brand visibility.

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