One good thing about email marketing is that you don’t really need to be a professional designer to come up with well-built campaigns. Worry no more because there are numerous email marketing service providers out there that offer pre-designed email templates that you can choose from. These templates are meticulously created by professional designers, so you can have lots of great choices.

However, when it comes to the templates, you still need some decision-making to suit your personal preferences. You have to carefully choose what colors to use, which font styles and sizes are appropriate for the business, and other elements that you should include.

Below are some useful email marketing tips to help create effective, great-looking emails that have the potential to bring positive results.

Place your business logo in the same exact location every time

The good news about email marketing is that you are reaching out to your potential customers, and at the same time you are building your brand. One great technique is to place your business logo in all of your emails. Consistency can go a long way, so better place your logo in the same exact location each time.

Give importance to the preview pane

According to a study by Marketing Sherpa, 70 percent of recipients, read email through a preview pane. Meaning, your recipients can only see a section of your email before actually deciding to open it and read the whole content. Always make sure that your logo, as well as other significant information about the content of the email can be viewed through the preview pane.

Choose the right colors

Sometimes, it is a little bit tempting to use multiple colors in your email campaign but the bad news is, it won’t do you any good. When choosing the right colors, it is always good to start with the colors of your company. Every email you make should have a signature look that would best represent your brand. Again, consistency is very important. All other colors outside you brand should only be used for emphasis— to call the reader’s attention to important points within your email.