Email marketing has become a trend in online business. Creating enticing email campaigns can bring success to your business. Below is the continuation of the email marketing tips to consider for an effective brand-building.

Stick with only a few font styles

Using several font styles in your emails may not look that professional to your readers. Consider having a maximum of only two font styles in your entire email: one for the headlines and subtitles and another one for the body. Go for standard fonts like Times New Roman, Verdana, or Arial for good readability. Avoid using unfamiliar fonts and consider that not everyone in your contacts have an updated list of fonts on their computers. Chances are, the content of your e-mail might not appear correctly on their screens, so that could mean a minus point.

Keep your contents clear and concise

When writing the content of your email, always make it direct to the point. The reality is, most people have no time reading each and every email considering they receive hundreds of them every single day. So there is a tendency that they just scan through the emails. Make sure your content is simple and can be read quickly without missing the important points.

Choosing the right images

One of the best ways to make emails more attractive is by presenting it with a captivating image that would best represent the message. As the cliché says, a picture is worth a thousand words. However, this is not true to all. A visually distracting image with a low quality can reflect poorly on your business, so make it a point to include relevant and high-quality images in your emails.

Befriend the white space

White space is simply a resting place for your readers’ eyes. Having lots of white spaces within the content of your email will help your readers know where to look. The disadvantage of a fully-loaded content is that the readers might lose their interest.