How to Send Logins VIA a Project Management System

One issue a developer always has is dealing with keeping track of project logins. In my case I do use Lastpass, but depend on being able to easily find the logins per project within the same system that “houses” the instructions. A common mistake people make when sending logins is adding them inside the task.  I made a short video on the best way to read more »

Setting Fair Deadlines / Timelines for Projects

Deadlines are a leading cause of conflict between a client and a developer. When working full time for a single client most of these issues are solved by the client setting up very well-defined priorities. The problem as a freelancer comes when a client comes back with an urgent need and you are already committed. These types of situations should be discussed upfront.

I have read more »

Who is Doing QA ?

QA or quality assurance is critical to be able to deliver a solid product no matter what the product is. It is even more critical when it comes to web development because of the number of devices and browsers that all may render differently. Establishing who is the person responsible for final sign off on a task or project upfront is critical to the project’s read more »

Johannesburg, South Africa

The first stop on this trip is Johannesburg, South Africa. I will be staying here 2 weeks. The idea behind staying here is that it is on the “way” to South America and is about the halfway point between Thailand (my starting point on the tour) and Argentina. The total trip time was 23 hours (factoring travel time to the airport in Bangkok as well read more »

ShaneWebGuy Friendship Tour 2016 / 2017

The ShaneWebGuy Friendship Tour 2016 / 2017 is about giving back to world community through knowledge and t-shirts. This 12 country one year tour covers 4 continents to be able to reach as many of the masses as possible.  I have planned this trip around the weather (to avoid the heat) as well as to minimize airline expenses. As far as housing goes, I will read more »

4 Essential Pointers to Consider When Picking Domain for Your New Business domain-new-business

When you have a new business, one of the first things you are planning to put up is an online website.  Whether you have a new business or an existing one, having your own website is now considered a standard.

Below are 4 important tips to consider when choosing a domain name for your business:

.com or nothing

Don’t ever think about settling for a read more »

5 Elements of an Ideal Landing Page ideal-landing-page

Having a well-designed landing page is a great advantage for your website because it has the ability to draw in users. There are three characteristics of an impeccable landing page: simple, well-designed, and speaks to the right audience.

Here are some helpful tips to take your landing page design to the next level:

Ad Copy and Page Headlines

The advertisement wording and the landing page read more »

6 Must-Have Apps That Promote Organization and Productivity (Part 2) apps-organization-productivity-2

Incorporating objectives into your digital being is a simple approach to keep them on top and help keep you spurred. A few applications even permit you to make your objectives open; serving to hold you responsible and collect backing from colleagues loved ones.

In continuation with the first three apps mentioned on the previous article, here are the remaining three applications you need to try read more »

6 Must-Have Apps That Promote Organization and Productivity (Part 1) apps-organization-productivity

In the online marketing world, we all know the significance of setting objectives that consider you responsible, let you know what you really need and help you drive on. Whether you make an effort to begin a new game plan, invest additional time at home, dispatch another item, or need to shed pounds, huge numbers of us basically express our objectives yet neglect to set read more »

Boost Your Sales Via Social Media (Part 2) sales-social-media-2

Repetitive, stagnant messaging are results or Auto-scheduled posts. Avoid constantly doing some auto-planning of posts even if it is fine. Setting things up is great. Show that the goal that some substance will be imparted continuously and recognize the individuals who impart your organization’s online networking profiles. Individuals like to know someone is on the opposite side of an online profile.

Examine and discover ways read more »