How To Easily Adapt To Google Hummingbird And It’s Future Updates google-hummingbird

When Google celebrated its 15th ‘birthday’ last September 27, 2013, they launched a new algorithm called Google Hummingbird. It was built to provide its users better search results, by focusing on and understanding the true meaning of words. The question is, what is read more »

Infinite Scroll Best Practice for SEO (Part 2) infinite-scroll-2

This is in continuation to the best usability and SEO practices that you must take into account before implementation Infinite Scroll on your website.

Implement Infinite Scroll as a Progressive Improvement

When Infinite Scroll is implemented as a “progressive improvement,” it should function as read more »

Infinite Scroll Best Practice for SEO (Part 1) infinite-scroll

The use of Infinite Scroll has become increasingly popular when it comes to web design. There are two reasons why many businesses are making use of this feature: to give users a unique experience or to stay updated with the latest trends (or both). read more »

Staying Connected With Your Clients To Maximize Revenue staying connected with your clients

You might have probably invested much time and money building your client base. These efforts and investments should not all go to waste. In order to save time and money, you should seriously think about how you could make the most out of your read more »

How Compelling Is Your Website? compelling-website

Many business owners who are new to the online industry probably asked themselves how they could create an impressive, at the same time compelling website for their businesses. Certainly, the first thing that probably entered their mind is to seek help from web developers, read more »

How Content Management Systems Can Help You Have A Better Website content management system

A Content Management System is an online solution that lets you manage your web contents conveniently, whenever and wherever you wish. Before the rise of Content Management Systems, non-programmers need to formulate certain HTML codes for every change they make in their content. Some read more »

Why Your Website Needs An SSL Certificate importance-ssl-2015

The internet is where you can find almost anything imaginable. Many transactions that we used to do over the table can now be done through the internet. Examples of these are online buying and selling, service application, job application, and even elections.

Due to read more »

6 Content Marketing Strategies You’ll Need To Rule in 2015 (Part 2) content-marketing-2015-2

Let us continue discussing the other predictions from online marketing experts about the important challenges that marketers will face in 2015 with regards to content marketing.

4. Businesses that wisely make use of content marketing will be rewarded with a higher search engine ranking read more »

6 Content Marketing Strategies You’ll Need To Rule in 2015 (Part 1) content-marketing-2015

Content Marketing is even bigger than you think. In fact, content creation and publication continue to remain unsurpassed in importance, which causes traditional marketing budget decision makers to reallocate more funds to content marketing techniques. Even though content marketing has become very popular, some read more »

5 SEO Trends To Take Advantage Of This 2015 (Part 2) seo-trends-2015-part-2

With the rapidly growing number of internet users nowadays, the semantic search and the mobile search optimization are really two great SEO trends for 2015. Do you agree? Now let’s discuss the other trends that you might want to consider in 2015.

3. The read more »