Inherent Functionality Inherent Functionality

I have used this term many times over the years. Inherent Functionality is just a technical way of saying that a piece of software will function as intended without any additional hours of custom programming. What might seem like a simple change to a website might not be possible without a prohibitive amount of development hours. This seems to come up the most with shopping read more »

Outsourcing: Freelancers vs. Local Companies Outsourcing Freelancers vs Local Companies

Deciding whether to outsource a project/task is a big decision. The qualifications/experience of the person doing the outsourcing will be as important as the person receiving the work. The first question the person outsourcing the project should ask is “Do I understand what is involved to complete this job?” A person that fully understands the task/project is going to have a significant higher success rate read more »

SWG Simple Ticket

I would love feedback on this project. I did not see many available plugins that would allow the user to manage the data of a contact form within the back end of WordPress.
Here are a couple screenshots of the back end…



Here is a screenshot of the new ticket menu in the administrative console….

simpleticket_newticket read more »
Contractor and Client Relationships Contractor and Client Relationships

I have worked as an employee, constructing and developing projects for several clients in the past decade, so I have the experience on contractor and client relationships in terms of obligations and responsibilities. I have seen many failed projects over the past 10 years either as a third party or the second development team, and I have found many common denominators. In the cases where read more »

Shopping Cart Questionnaire

Shipping Configuration:

Shipping Carrier __________
[  ] Flat Rate [  ] Ground [    ] Other __________

Shipping Discounts: [  ] Yes [  ] No, Please Describe if Yes __________

Handling Fees: [  ] Yes [  ] No, Please Describe if Yes __________

Please List Requirements: __________

Other shipping configuration requirements __________

Check Out Requirements:

Will there be a requirement to checkout through the shopping cart read more »

Where Is My Site Hosted? Where Is My Site Hosted

The domain & site host can be the biggest hurdles when it comes to the development of a website. This information is good to have prior to the start of development. I have web development clients that struggle with the understanding of what is it that the developer will need to make a site live. Here is a breakdown of what is needed or what read more »

Don’t Make Content Changes Difficult To Do Don't Make Content Changes Difficult To Do

I think the biggest error clients have when sending over content is not separating content from instructions. Having to read though instructions and having to pull out content ends up make what should be the easiest part of web development, the most difficult. Content changes should be easy. I feel that when changes are hard, the person sending over the instructions are doing it wrong.   read more »

Things To Consider When Building A Custom WordPress Theme Things To Consider When Building A Custom WordPress Theme

There are many acceptable ways to build a custom WordPress theme from a custom design. I will go over each in detail. The strategy the developer will pick is ultimately based on the comfort level and the project requirements. The most important consideration is making sure WordPress works for the user as intended. WordPress is designed so that the non-technical user is able to login read more »

Tools That Help In Getting The Clients Involved Tools That Help In Getting The Clients Involved

Web & software development is basically taking someone’s business idea/dream and creating a functional interface for it. I have found that a little upfront time with the client can go a long way as the project is progressing through its life cycle. I normally use the upfront time to give basic training on the CMS/cart software and teach the basics of web project management. It read more »

How To Give Clear Instructions For Your Projects How To Give Clear Instructions For Your Projects

There is nothing worse than trying to figure out poor instructions. Programmers need clear directions in order to be able to accurately meet the business needs of their clients. One of my favorites is “that does not look correct.” A clean list takes out the guess work. I have had clients put together run on paragraph of instructions that take more time to figure out read more »