Custom vs. Pre-Built WordPress Themes Custom vs Pre-Built WordPress Themes

The question whether to use a pre-built/premium WordPress theme/template depends on a lot of factors. Budget, timeline, functionality and the ability to provide concrete instructions all play into this decision. I have several cases where a client wants to use a theme to save time/cost and ends up creating more hours of work due to the customization of the theme. The most important thing to read more »

Off-Hour Development Off-Hour Development

One of my pet peeves is off-hours development. I strongly feel that the work being done should be done on the same business hours as the client’s. This reduces project management cost and the back and forth process associated with a system where the work is being sent to an educated but non-technical project manager. I am sure 1 million Indian/Asian web development companies would read more »

How Not To Get Burned From A Shopping Cart Website Project How Not To Get Burned With A Shopping Cart Website

There is nothing that scares me worse than a shopping cart website. There are a number of questions and steps that are needed before it would be possible to select the platform and start programming. I have a pretty good questionnaire, but even then it’s possible to miss things. The first step is to understand the full business process, and how the user will interact read more »

Location Aware Sites
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We have all seen these websites that serve up content based on the location of the user. This technology gives the user a better experience based on his/her location. Things like language, content, prices, phone numbers and even the look can be dynamically changed based on where the user is in the world.  I have built what I feel is the most flexible plug-in for read more »

WordPress Plugin Review

I recently released a WordPress portfolio plugin that dynamically displays work by category and multiple categories.  Most available portfolio plugin do not allow an easy way to search dynamically without doing a traditional search that brings back results which can then be reviewed. For clients that have many projects, this not allow for rapid search. I found that most people were using gallery plugins to read more »