Annotated Screenshots / Video Casts are a Requirement

One of the biggest challenges a web developer has is getting their work to render the same or at least presentable in all the major browsers and devices. To able to fix a specific browser or device “bug” it is critical to be able to see it. Even in the “agency” / “end client” relationship it should be established that screenshots are a requirement within read more »

How to Send Logins VIA a Project Management System

One issue a developer always has is dealing with keeping track of project logins. In my case I do use Lastpass, but depend on being able to easily find the logins per project within the same system that “houses” the instructions. A common mistake people make when sending logins is adding them inside the task.  I made a short video on the best way to read more »

Who is Doing QA ?

QA or quality assurance is critical to be able to deliver a solid product no matter what the product is. It is even more critical when it comes to web development because of the number of devices and browsers that all may render differently. Establishing who is the person responsible for the final sign off on a task or project upfront is critical to the read more »

4 Essential Pointers to Consider When Picking Domain for Your New Business


When you have a new business, one of the first things you are planning to put up is an online website.  Whether you have a new business or an existing one, having your own website is now considered a standard.

Below are 4 important tips to consider when choosing a domain name for your business:

.com or nothing

Don’t ever think about settling for a read more »

Make Your WordPress Blog Hack-Proof


Today, hacking has grown to be a major burden for most WordPress blog users worldwide. Hundreds of blogs become victims of hackers who become more complex over time, discovering more and more strategies. These hackers are motivated from a wide range of reasons, starting from pure malicious intent up to the eagerness to seize your website ranking (especially your Google Ranking) for their own personal read more »

The Noob’s Guide To Choosing The Best Web Design Company


A company that has a presence online can extend its reach and can achieve higher revenue. In this world of competition, an exceptionally designed website is very essential. Often times, it is difficult to choose the finest among all the available global players. Here are some tips and guidelines in selecting the best web design company.

Research about the company

Browse the internet and gather read more »

Using Existing Client Data For Your Marketing Strategy (Part 2)


Client data capture has become really popular for internet marketers nowadays as it is becoming necessary for building their own client database. This is in continuation to the list of tips to effectively capture data:

  1. Place telephone number in obvious spots

Another ideal method to collect data is to encourage two-way conversation with potential customers. It is important to place your telephone number in a read more »

Using Existing Client Data For Your Marketing Strategy (Part 1)

marketing strategy

Now that you have already built a fully functional and accessible website for your business, the next thing you are probably thinking right now is how you will be able to collect client data from site visitors once they have already logged on and navigated into your website.

Why is it important to collect data from potential clients?

The number one reason why it is read more »

How To Easily Adapt To Google Hummingbird And It’s Future Updates


When Google celebrated its 15th ‘birthday’ last September 27, 2013, they launched a new algorithm called Google Hummingbird. It was built to provide its users better search results, by focusing on and understanding the true meaning of words. The question is, what is the effect of the new update in online businesses? Was it built to help them improve or will it be the read more »

Staying Connected With Your Clients To Maximize Revenue

staying connected with your clients

You might have probably invested much time and money building your client base. These efforts and investments should not all go to waste. In order to save time and money, you should seriously think about how you could make the most out of your existing client data. Remember, there are so many other options out there, so most probably you are thinking of how you read more »

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