Understanding GDPR Compliance

What is GDPR?

GDPR is a new data privacy regulation created by the European Union to regulate how EU member state citizens personal data is used and collected. The regulation itself is an unbelievably long list of rules of protocols to handle personal data and goes into effect on May 25th, 2018.

Most site owners will assume that these regulations do not apply to them. read more »

Who is Doing Backups?

Website backups are a critical part of the success and longevity for any online business. It is critical to understand who is taking responsibility for maintenance and backups as part of the upfront agreement. Many hosting packages offer some sort of backup plan as part of their service, but relying on only them can lead to catastrophe.

Who is doing backups:


As the developer read more »

Correctly Utilizing a Project Management System

There are many project management system available out there. Each of them has certain features that appeal to its user base. Regardless of what system is implemented, there are some inherent fundamentals and protocols that make the experience much more efficient. I will cover items I feel are universal to every system. The three project management systems I have used most frequently are Asana, Basecamp read more »

Annotated Screenshots / Video Casts are a Requirement

One of the biggest challenges a web developer has is getting their work to render the same or at least presentable in all the major browsers and devices. To able to fix a specific browser or device “bug” it is critical to be able to see it. Even in the “agency” / “end client” relationship it should be established that screenshots are a requirement within read more »

Who is Doing QA ?

QA or quality assurance is critical to be able to deliver a solid product no matter what the product is. It is even more critical when it comes to web development because of the number of devices and browsers that all may render differently. Establishing who is the person responsible for the final sign off on a task or project upfront is critical to the read more »

4 Essential Pointers to Consider When Picking Domain for Your New Business


When you have a new business, one of the first things you are planning to put up is an online website.  Whether you have a new business or an existing one, having your own website is now considered a standard.

Below are 4 important tips to consider when choosing a domain name for your business:

.com or nothing

Don’t ever think about settling for a read more »

Make Your WordPress Blog Hack-Proof


Today, hacking has grown to be a major burden for most WordPress blog users worldwide. Hundreds of blogs become victims of hackers who become more complex over time, discovering more and more strategies. These hackers are motivated from a wide range of reasons, starting from pure malicious intent up to the eagerness to seize your website ranking (especially your Google Ranking) for their own personal read more »

Signs Of A Good Web Design Company


Businesses who want to stand out and expand their company can always count on the Internet in achieving successful results. The Internet is the largest market accessible to everyone on the planet which has caused the rapid increase in its popularity. To be successful, one must seek the help of a reliable web design company. Hiring professionals assure a high end output and costs worth read more »

Guidelines to Picking WordPress Plugins


WordPress would not have the functionality it is known for without the over 20,000 free plus commercially available plugins that enhance the native functionality of the base installation software. These plugins offer enhancements, but at the same time pose risks to a stable and long lasting installation. Being that WordPress is an open source software, anyone with a computer and a free WordPress account can read more »

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