There is a big buzz about SEO (search engine optimization) and what the best approach is I am a big believer in this process starts with the messaging. Understanding your market audience and how to translate your idea or message is more important than the task of getting visitors to your site.  I will highlight some of the important elements in developing and maintaining the proper messaging for your website.

Understanding Your Audience:
The first step in the  journey to proper messaging for the web is  to understand and define your market audience. Each business model would have a different target demographics and it is important to understand how the messaging will be best received by the highest percentage of users. As the site is launched it will be important to track and understand the habits of your visitors. This will provide the metrics for changes to achieve the most desired results.

Business Communication & Writing Fundamentals:
Quality is more important than ever  when it comes to web not only the possibility to get found, but keeping the users on your site. Poorly written content and messaging can detract users. In many cases the responsible party for the maintenance and ownership of the site will not be experienced in the best methodologies for business writing. In cases where the responsible party does not have adequate business communication and writing skills it will be important to seek training or outside help.

Get Professional Help:
This could come in the form of a company, freelancer or in-house solution, but getting a person that is knowledgeable in how to present business messaging for a website will be a big factor in the viability of a site. There are many companies that offer this services, it is just a matter of finding one that will deliver your expectation.  An in house solution is only practical when that individual is proficient in all areas of business marketing and development.

In some cases companies will choose to take control of the content development tasks. In cases where the individual that has the responsibility for content development, it is important for that individual to have previous experience in business communication and writing for the web. I would recommend a company such as Improving Communications located in New York City. They offer both business development training and its application for the web.

Content and Messaging Plan:
Once you understand your market audience the next step will be to figure out the best messaging plan. Budget website type and available human resources will all be a factor. Most successful websites have a content and messaging development plan in place. This may or may not include social media, blog and visual based content.

Metrics Based Content and Messaging Development:
The companies that are able to understand the habits and tendencies of the users are able to develop content based on what has worked in the past. Adjustments to content and messaging are tracked and compared to previous conversion rates. Time of year, location of the user and evolving trends are all evaluated in this model. The metric based model requires a person that can evaluate statistics and dynamically implement content based on the most probable outcome.

Keep It Consistent:
An important consideration when it comes to content and message development is consistency. A website that has outdated messaging or content can detract the user and lead to lower conversion rates. Once it has been decided the mechanism that will be used, it will be critical to stick with that.


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