When Google celebrated its 15th ‘birthday’ last September 27, 2013, they launched a new algorithm called Google Hummingbird. It was built to provide its users better search results, by focusing on and understanding the true meaning of words. The question is, what is the effect of the new update in online businesses? Was it built to help them improve or will it be the cause of their downfall?

One probable reason behind the launching of this update is because of the dramatic increase of smart devices that enable verbal/voice searches. Searches on the web will remain the same, but the results that will be displayed are dependent on the user’s preferences or needs.

How it affects businesses

This new update, so far, does not affect businesses that much. Meaning, there isn’t any significant change that took place or is foreseen to take place. Even after the latest updates such as Panda and Penguin, websites that produce high-quality content did not experience any penalization or any negative effect. As a matter of fact, websites that produce great content are the ones that achieve better ranking, hence having a better organic traffic.

What online businesses should do

Business owners who want to be recognized better should pick a name that is closely related to their field of expertise. This is a big plus for search engine results because when someone tries to search for a particular service, businesses containing their field of expertise in their business name will more likely to have a better ranking. This will also help people to easily remember the business name. Every business aims to be ahead of their competitors, so they use all of their resources by taking advantage of the best and tried-and-tested marketing strategies out there.

Business owners who haven’t joined the online marketing world and are planning to should seek for the best services from internet marketing experts. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • They could offer the most cost-effective and time-saving marketing strategies
  • They could teach you how to achieve great internet exposure at a faster pace
  • They could get your website a strong search engine presence the safest way possible
  • They could help you achieve an increase in web traffic legitimately
  • They could guarantee a good return-of-investment

Every business in every field has their own audience. However, not all businesses understand the needs of their audience. When the needs of the audience are the company’s priority, success will always follow. No matter how many updates Google launches, a business can survive for as long as they follow an effective and legitimate marketing strategy.