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We have all seen these websites that serve up content based on the location of the user. This technology gives the user a better experience based on his/her location. Things like language, content, prices, phone numbers and even the look can be dynamically changed based on where the user is in the world.  I have built what I feel is the most flexible plug-in for WordPress to accomplish these things. It is pretty simple to set up locations and begin to add content pages based on the location set.  The system always relies on the default object. The default object may be an existing page, template or even a sprite design file. A location aware object is then set to overwrite the default one. If you are confused at this point, don’t worry; I will explain in more detail.  If you think of it like this…You set up your website with default object everyone will see. This could be a default look and feel of the site. This includes content and images. Once the site is set up for the default look, location aware pages, custom text widgets and sprite files can be added for a specific location that is set up. This means that anyone that is not set up on a specific location will see the default content.

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