Off-Hour Development

One of my pet peeves is off-hours development. I strongly feel that the work being done should be done on the same business hours as the client’s. This reduces project management cost and the back and forth process associated with a system where the work is being sent to an educated but non-technical project manager. I am sure 1 million Indian/Asian web development companies would disagree, but I know that when you eliminate the programmers out of the equation, you can expect inflated development cost and an end result that is probably not the one intended. Programming and Web development is unique in that there are people involved in the sales and production that don’t understand what it takes to produce the product or desired result. I am in the market for a new car, I know that car salesman on the test drive would not be able to completely engineer the car, but he was able to understand my requirements and let me know the options available based on the models in stock and my budget.  I have seen fixes that should have been done in a few hours due to the back and forth delay created from off-hour “managed development” that end up taking days. Off hour development depends on the “perfect write up.” I would say that less than 1% is able to accomplish this at the level needed.  Sending project scope/fixes to the person working on the project is a key. This does not eliminate the project manager but involves the programmers in all areas including matching the technology to the business requirement.

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