The ShaneWebGuy Friendship Tour 2016 / 2017 is about giving back to world community through knowledge and t-shirts. This 12 country one year tour covers 4 continents to be able to reach as many of the masses as possible.  I have planned this trip around the weather (to avoid the heat) as well as to minimize airline expenses. As far as housing goes, I will be using AirBnb to rent either whole apartments or shared rooms inside Apartments. AirBnb is a “game changer” to be able to book a place that has a full kitchen available to reduce the costs of going out to eat. The idea on the friendship tour is to try to make a positive impact on each place I visit and then document it in my blog. I will be working and developing websites this whole trip so I have carried 2, 23″ monitors as well as 2 laptops to be able to seamlessly work during the whole trip. The majority of my clients are web development companies and depend on me to be online during US business hours.

The biggest challenge and possible limitation of the “Friendship Tour” is that I will have to make sure the places I am going have reliable internet (as well as a backup) to avoid being offline during any portion of the trip. The limitation part means that I will only be able to visit many of the larger urban areas in some of the countries I go.  An example of this would be South Africa. I will be staying in Johannesburg, South Africa, knowing that I can get reliable internet VS. being in the middle of an African safari where I would not be able to work. The larger urban area provide better “housing options” and I find that with AirBnb some of the larger cities seem to have better options and selections due to the supply and demand factor. I will adjust my working time to US central hours which means that while I start work in Africa at 4pm (9am CST), I start at 11am in Argentina. The adjustment should be minimal as I am staying in each location to allow my body to acclimate to the change of time.

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