I have had my LinkedIn account for almost ten years. However, it has only been in the past few years that I don’t even bother to read messages. I would say over 90% of messages are from a “white label” agency looking for me to outsource my work to them. In the time I have had my account, I have never sent an unsolicited message asking for work. I use LinkedIn to showcase the work I have completed and am capable of doing.

General Modus Operandi of a “LinkedIn Spammer”

The words will vary, but the messages are all the same. “We are a white label agency looking to take on more work”. In the old days, the messages would be sent directly from the country where the work is being done. Over the last few years, they have an American “front” acting as the proxy.

Advice for Spammers

I understand the need to grow your business, but offer more than the next guy. In my case I work directly with my web / agency clients to not only do the work but to promote sales. In many cases I am involved with the marketing department at some level.  This makes what you offer more of a value-added service.

Help from LinkedIn

If I tried to do what the “LinkedIn Spammers” are doing with my “Google Business” account, I would be shut down within a couple days. I would think that LinkedIn would have some kind of “reporting mechanisms” in place to limit the amount of unsolicited traffic.  This type of traffic draws interest away from your platform.


My profile lists me as a “Freelance Web / Software Developer & Marketing Consultant”. I am not an agency looking for additional staff. Therefore, even using my contact form would be more appreciated. I have the ability to save your contact information in case the day comes I would be interested in any service being offering. Please reduce the amount of LinkedIn spam and focus on offering real services so that your clients will come to you.

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