Taking Instructions Over The Phone

Taking instructions over the phone is one way where a lot of stuff gets lost in translation. A phone conversation on a simple fix is better done in my opinion after a “clean” list is available.  If the change is simple and a competent programmer or developer got it wrong, it has been my experience that 9/10 times, it is due to poor instructions from the client. It is important to understand how your development team will receive information best. This is especially true if the development is set at a fixed rate. If the development is being done on fixed estimate hours, there needs to be cooperation on the method of communication and process flow. A developer may be basing an estimate on a responsive client that is willing to use the three essential tools (Skype, screenshot tool and project management tool) in the development of the project.  When the cost is being set flat/fixed the developer has more rights than that of a salary employee. Both sides need to work together to achieve the most efficient flow throughout the project/task.  It is my opinion that voice conversations lead to a good set of instructions/write up.  This would be true in any profession because eliminates, “I told you, and you got it wrong.”

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