Tools That Help In Getting The Clients Involved

Web & software development is basically taking someone’s business idea/dream and creating a functional interface for it. I have found that a little upfront time with the client can go a long way as the project is progressing through its life cycle. I normally use the upfront time to give basic training on the CMS/cart software and teach the basics of web project management. It not only benefits the clients through the initial web construction, but it also allows them to take control of their website after it is built. Sitting down with the client for a few hours and teaching them how to communicate their requests clearly will reduce build time and the headaches associated with revisions.

The first step is this process is getting the client’s computer ready with the tools they will need.

  1. Skype
    Skype allows for people to communicate live. I don’t use the voice/video features as much as being able to send over a link for review. Doing this via email creates a natural lag time that ends up taking more time.
  2. Jing/Screen Capture Program
    I do not know what I would do without “Jing.” With Jing from TechSmith®, capturing a screenshot/video is 2 clicks away. Jing, combined with a Chat program like Skype, aids in the Rapid development model.
  3. Project Management System.
    I prefer BaseCamp for project management system, which is a web-based project management software system. I maintain a paid subscription and it has been worth every penny.


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