Client data capture has become really popular for internet marketers nowadays as it is becoming necessary for building their own client database. This is in continuation to the list of tips to effectively capture data:

  1. Place telephone number in obvious spots

Another ideal method to collect data is to encourage two-way conversation with potential customers. It is important to place your telephone number in a prominent position so it comes handy for potential clients once they landed on your website. There is a greater chance that customers will pick up their phone and call you if your telephone number is displayed boldly on every page, rather than hiding it in the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Once they make a call, you get the perfect chance to personally and manually gather necessary information to add to your database of potential customers.

  1. Invite to follow you on social media

Today, having a Facebook page and a Twitter account is already seen as standard for most companies. If not all, probably most business websites contain links to their social media pages. Some of them even show they are also on Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Foursquare. Joining the world of social media is a great method to introduce your business and make it recognized by a larger audience.


  1. Include options for newsletter sign up

Another great method to collect data from potential clients is to offer them to sign up to your daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletters. They will be willing to give away information because they are expecting something from you in return ­­(the free newsletters about your website). But remember, the reason they signed up is to have access to some necessary information about your website, so make sure not to distribute irrelevant content, or they’ll start blocking your communication sooner or later.

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