Technology is advancing from day to day, and so do user habits. There has always been a correlation between the user habits and web designs: as user habits change, web design also does. In 2015, responsive design is still essential in the modern web. New and updated websites that are in the internet now are more interactive containing richer media content,allowing cool navigation. Here are the top web design trends that you should keep an eye out for in 2015.

The SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) craze

By having the ability to make your assets look crisp and effectively adapt to any screen size, there is no wonder SVG has become popular in 2014. Also, you can give your site a more festive look as SVG elements can be delightfully animated. With this, we can expect web designers to continue applying it this year.

 Sustaining the RWD (Responsive Web Design)

Most websites that you can see on the internet are now adapted for tablet and smartphone use since many people prefer using their mobile phones or tablets in internet surfing. Because of this, the responsive design will surely continue to gain its popularity in 2015. Moreover, with the continuous increase in the use of smart watches and TVs, RWD is essential in providing a seamless experience to users in every channel available.

Rich, compelling backgrounds

Have you been seeing plenty of large-image backgrounds for some time now? Well this year, expect to see more, but this time richer and more compelling. A lot of movies nowadays are being released in 3D, so users will also expect this technology in cutting edge designs. In addition to this, 2015 is the year to watch for the rise of fully responsive HD-quality videos as backgrounds on some websites.

Making it extra interactive

A great way to enhance user experience on your website is to incorporate micro-interactions. Adding more interactive elements on your site will create a memorable and enjoyable experience for your users which significantly impacts their emotional involvement with your brand. This will then affect the amount of time they spend navigating within your website.

Larger and bolder texts

One of the factors that affect the overall appearance and usability of a website is the typography. Web designers carefully and meticulously choose font styles and sizes that perfectly match with all the elements in a web page. This year, expect bolder fonts and responsive typography that provide excellent user experience.

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