Content migration can one of the most time consuming parts of a web development project. This blog is written with the assumption that the website is being built on a CMS such as WordPress. Planning a content migration strategy ahead of time can eliminate a bunch of frustration throughout the life of a web project.

Who Is Doing Content Migration?

Who is doing content migration should be determined at the beginning of the project. In most cases I am developing websites for web and marketing companies and my default assumption would be that I would have assistance at some level with the migration of website content. The number of pages would determine how important setting this expectation up front would be.

Best Practices for Content Migration

Content migration should never be a “science project”. In most cases this should just be a matter of copy / pate to get the content from the end client / marketing team to the web site. In a perfect world the content in provided all at the same time. In the real world this may not be possible and new content may being developed.

Content Edits

Over the past eight years I feel like I have seen it all as far as instructions go with needed content edits. When part of the content changes , it is best to send back the entire content block VS. trying to determine what a client (or end client) means by “change the “?” to a “.”. Having to key in content as opposed to just being able to copy / paste back the entire block to achieve the changes opens up the possibilities of more mistakes.

Don’t Out Source Content Edits

In most cases a project manager and many cases even the “end client” will be able to more efficiently jump in and change the content VS. trying to put together the required instructions required for a developer to do it. This is the major selling point of a well built CMS such as WordPress.

Here is a replicated example of something I seen that came in from an agency project / client manager on a web site project I was involved with. The time it took to create the screenshot was 4-5 times longer then it would have taken to just have copy pasted the entire block of edited text or just jump in and edit the text within WordPress

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