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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and basically used to describe all the efforts it takes to be found on a search engine search such as Google.  There are many factors that the search engines will use in their algorithms to rank a site. Some of these factors are within the control of the site owner, but many of these are depending on outside variables that have to be considered when coming up with a digital marketing plan.

Market Size:
The market size is a big factor when it comes to SEO and search engine rankings. The number of similar business in a GEO geographic area and the size of the area will be determining factors on the amount of effort that is required to rank on a first page of a search result. A business located in a big urban area such as New York will take more effort than one located in a smaller city with less competition.

Understanding Your Market Audience:
It is important to understand the needs and habits of your market audience. The more you understand these needs the more prepared you will be to prepare a plan for keywords, content and messaging.  The days of being able to “trick” the search engines are rapidly coming to a close. As search engines algorithms become more sophisticated, they rely more on natural human use and expectations.

Non-Organic Conversions:
Organic SEO efforts describe efforts related to getting a website to page one through the a search engine search. In many cases this may not be the best way to achieve maximum efficiency for your effort. The end goal of getting the user to “buy” what is being sold is what is most important.

Pay Per Click:
“Pay per click” refers to where the website owner pays per the visitor or click. This is normally done as a search engine ad that is based on a pre-defined criteria such as keyword search. This can be an effective was to get conversion with a small amount of effort and upfront knowledge. The key here is being able to understand what keywords or criteria will lead to the most conversions.

Traditional Marketing:
Is some cases it may be more effective to run a traditional marketing campaign and direct the visitors back to the website. This can be in the form of direct mailers, billboards or flyers directing the users back to the website. This type of marking campaign can direct the users back to the main website or a “landing page” which is a specific page created for the purpose of marketing.

Directory Listings / Web Based Business listings:
Many times when a user searches for a keyword the top listings are coming from business listing website. Sites like, Yelp and can provide an effective avenue to get users to your site. Most of these business directory listing sites offer both free and paid listing services. This type of strategy is more suitable for the “local” business marketing to a specific geographic location.

Conversions Depend on the Website:
A large number of visitors to a poorly constructed site will lead to a low number of conversions.  Poorly written content, browser errors and ineffective messaging can all detract your users and lead to less credibility from your messaging. Another consideration is making sure your website is mobile / tablet friendly. The number of non-traditional (desktop / laptop) users continues to increase exponentially. In the near future the number of mobile / tablet users will surpass the number of traditional users. Given the best possible experience on all devices is a key when it comes to the percentage of conversions.

Hiring an Outside Consultant:
In most cases the business will benefit from the services of a professional marketing consultant. This can be in the form of an individual or a company. It is important to understand what services the individual or company will offer. There are some companies that specialize is business of a certain type. Most will take on all types of work, but have areas that they specialize in. While there are many companies not in your area, if your market is local, you will be better served getting help that is local to your area. There will be a higher level of understanding to your specific audience needs by using local help.

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