One of the widely used CMS platforms worldwide is the WordPress. It has grown and developed massively in just a short period of time. Many WordPress users have made some great contributions to the platform to make it work even better. It has become more advanced compared to its original purpose – a simple blogging tool. Another factor that contributed to its sudden rise in popularity is the fact that it allows individuals (even the non-professional ones) to easily create a website and post up-to-date content without having the need to have some programming skills.

There are still some users who are not in favor of WordPress as their major CMS platform, but these things listed below are what makes WordPress a great choice:

Easy Management.

One reason why most people choose WordPress is because it is really easy to manage. It has an intuitive and bilingual interface, making all functions accessible on the main screen.


During this time, accessibility is something that users look forward to. The good thing about WordPress is that it allows users to manage and edit their websites from any computer, provided that it is connected to the internet. It does not require any software installation, so all the updates and edits can be done anytime and anywhere.

FTP/HTML-free editing.

As a standalone CMS, WordPress does not require any editing software like Dreamweaver or any other similar tool. Formatting and editing texts, uploading images as well documents of all types can be done conveniently on the website itself. So, all you need is a computer and a good internet connection, and you’re ready to go

Search Engine Friendly.

For some reason, search engines are in favor of websites containing clean and simple codes. Another benefit of using WordPress is that it allows easy content indexing. WordPress’ web pages can have individual meta-tag keywords as well.

Fully Customizable.

You can customize your website in any way you want with WordPress. This is important for businesses engaged in eCommerce because they can make use of this feature to emphasize their products.

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