Landing Page Design

Landing pages are a good way to showcase your specific business services to a targeted audience. Landing pages are used many times in conjunction with paid advertisement such as Google PPC (pay per click) to provide only the information needed for a user conversion.

Design for your specific campaign:

A successful landing page starts with a design that is specifically targeted for your business model as well as your audience.  It is important to limit the amount of information on your landing page to optimize your conversion rates. Landing pages with too much information will distract the users from your targeted message. The design should follow your company branding, but may vary based on the specific campaign.  A design for one campaign, may not be appropriate for another.

Track and adjust based on conversions:

Once you have created your landing page, it is important to closely monitor the CTR (click through rate) and do adjustments based on the highest percentage of conversions. This can be monitored through the Google Analytics dashboard. Closely following the metrics of what is bringing in the highest hits can be done using this method. Factors like the user’s geographic location as well as the device they are visiting the lading page from will provide valuable information in order to optimize your landing page.

Understanding the technology needed to create the landing page:

The tools used in the creation of the landing page is highly based on the infrastructure of the existing site. If you have an existing CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress or Joomla, it is possible to utilize these as the framework to create your landing page. The benefit of doing it this way is that it allows for a single point of management.

Building you landing pages for all devices:

A few years ago, an assumption was made that the users coming to your landing page would be using a desktop / laptop. However, this is not the case today. With the increasing number of smart phone / tablet users, it is important to correctly optimize the experience for them. The layout that works for a user on a fifteen inch laptop will not work on a hand held smart phone.

Landing pages can be an effective way to market a specific audience if used in conjunction with paid advertisements. The effectiveness of the campaign will depend on many factors. A qualified business marketing expert will make the difference between a successful marketing campaign and one that sees minimal conversions.