Internet Marketing

I have evolved from a programmer / developer to a full business solutions provider.  My background in both designing and programming has honed my web development business skills, allowing me to provide my clients with a full package of services to be able to create a web site that is a viable mechanism to generate growth. I evaluate each client’s business needs differently in order to provide a recommendation that is best suited to model their business needs.

Understanding the business model:

The first recommendation is understanding my client’s business model. How they portray the product or service they offer as being viable to a consumer, will determine what direction a marketing plan will take. This is the stage where I make recommendations based on known working models I have seen in my years of business marketing experience.

Evaluate the current infrastructure:

In order to make intelligent recommendations to my clients, I need to evaluate the current infrastructure and resources that are available. A client that has an existing employee pool as an asset in the marketing field will get an entirely different recommendation then one that does not have these resources. Another consideration would be what web site or infrastructure exists. In order to make a mark in web marketing, this will be the key in determining the proper direction to take.

Provide multiple options:

As a business marketing consultant, it is important to provide my clients an array of options to choose from. This may be a combination of web marketing strategies as well as the well known time-tested traditional methods. The more information I provide will allow my clients to make a better decision based on their business needs. It is best not to lock the site down on one model or strategy.

Evaluate and Adjust:

Once a plan has been implemented, it is important to be prepared to evaluate and adjust to what works best. A plan that may have worked for past clients might need some adjustments for the present client due to a different arising need. There really is no “stereotyped website” that will work for everyone. Setting benchmarks and continually adjusting for business changes will be a big factor in the long term success.

Setting benchmarks:

When it comes to business and internet marketing, it is important to set benchmarks in order to measure success. This should be based on pre-defined conversions and expected goals. These are set during the initial business model evaluations that help promote a long term relationship between the web marketing consultant and the client.