Logo Design and Branding

Logo design and branding are the most important parts of the design. How a business is marketed will be determined directly from the way a business is initially branded. The designer, owner and any stakeholder in the business will need to closely coordinate in order to successfully brand and market a business. How a business intends to market itself should be closely considered at the beginning of this process.

Evaluating similar types of businesses:

Once the business model and the vision of the owner is understood and documented, it is critical to evaluate what other businesses of this type are doing that have had success. Learning the business owner’s business model and finding others that are closely related, will go a long way on how the branding is ultimately received by the projected audience.

Starting with the logo:

The first step in branding the business is to come up with a logo that the audience will be able to associate with the product or service that is being offered. A good logo will give the business more credibility that can build trust in the product or service that is being offered. Once a logo is presented after the initial design, it is important to evaluate as much feedback as possible.

Age of the business:

The age of the business will be another factor when branding. Updating a logo that may be outdated could cause any existing client to disassociate from the business. How much effort was spent on the initial branding will be a determining factor. More harm than good could be done with a complete overhaul of a business that has already an audience who associates a logo with that type of business or service

Long term marketing strategy:

Understanding the long term marketing strategy is another key factor. A local service industry type that intends to market through more traditional means might be a better candidate for certain branding types than one that intends to market only VIA the internet.

Building up the association of the brand:

Getting an audience who can associate a visual reference such as a logo to the product or service that is being offered is the ultimate goal of any successful branding campaign. This can be done VIA marketing techniques such as social media campaigns that target a specific type of audience.

Good branding needs word associations:

A properly branded business should not only contain the logo and graphics but words that make up a tagline and slogan that the audience can associate with what is being offered.  This is where market study will be important. This full spectrum approach will increase the association between the audience base and the business or service that is being offered.