Squarespace Developer

Squarespace is a drag and drop, visual website builder that is hosted on the Squarespace server. Squarespace can be a good alternative to WordPress as long as there are no required customizations.  The lack of customization ability in many cases will be a limitation for future enhancements but can be the right for solution for client that just need an informational website.

Squarespace competes directly with website builders such as Weebly, Wix and WordPress.com.  Squarespace is an all-in-one solution. This means you do not have to worry about hosting and plugin compatibility. Out of the box a Squarespace tends to test well above average for website load speed. AS long as any the images uploaded are optimized, the speed of the finished website should be sufficient.  

As with any page builder or CMS, I still recommend presenting a design prior to the implementation within Squarespace. This will control edits as well as give a more professional overall experience.  The “approved design” can also serve as a scope to be able to understand the project flow. Getting a design approved before the implementation of an out of the box theme can determine if there is any custom development required.

ADA / Accessibility  

The Squarespace website does mention best practices related to ADA as seen here. I would like to see a better effort on the Squarespace to promote the effort of ADA / accessibility.  I would expect a similar effort to one made by WIX.com.  Based on the article date of December 9th, 2019, this seems to be coming. It is the responsibility of the business owner and / or agency to determine if Squarespace meets your accessibility requirements.

Squarespace can be a viable option for a client with a simple website with no requirements for customization.  Please contact me for a quote to get started.