Website Design

The design of a website is a critical factor is creating a website that can obtain the desired number of visitor conversions. I emphasize the importance of making sure to take the time to approve the design prior to programming your landing page or website. The initial design should be one that will properly convey the message of the website in the most accessible way to the visitor.

Starting a design:
To put together a new design takes not only design talent but information from the client. To produce a design that will best match the business needs of your visitor will take an understanding of how to properly convey your message.  Any existing graphics and logo will be important to reflect the banding of your product or service.  This should be gathered in an initial information gathering document prior to the start of the design.

Starting with the branding:
The most important consideration when beginning a design is to make sure the overall design flows together with any logo or company branding. If there is an existing logo, it will be important that the website design colors and layout flow seamlessly with the current branding. If there is an existing logo, the logo design should be approved prior to the beginning of the landing page or website layout.

Getting an idea on the desired look:
Determining the logo and branding is important to the overall layout of the landing page or website. It is important to share a website that reflects this look as well as one that defines the structure and any call to action point.  I normally ask for three to four example landing pages or websites that reflect the desired look and feel.

The approved design:
I do not begin development until I am 100% sure that the design has been approved. Changes in design are much easier before development than when the landing page or website is being created.  Even if changes during the design phase seem to drag on, this is a factor of the time it would take to make the same changes during development.