Organic Web Rankings

Optimizing for organic web rankings is the best exact science for all the web based marketing methods. When done correctly, the results can pay dividends beyond that of any other method. With Google’s new algorithms, the “black hat” methods not only fail to work, but they can cause any current organic value of your site to decrease significantly. There are a number of factors in determining how much effort is involved in getting your site to rank organically.

Doing what is natural:

The key to getting Google and other search engines to recognize your site as more important than the others is to increase the flow of your site in the most natural manner. This means a slow but steady effort, going as far as content creation and linking. The type of website and its competition with similar sites in the same market will determine the difficulty for it to rank.

Seeking your niche:

The easiest short term path to increase traffic in your site, which results to viable conversions, is to utilize Google Keyword Planner to identify low traffic keywords with low competition, but are still relevant to your business. Understanding where your users will be searching for your products and services, in this less competitive market, can be a good way to drive traffic.

Useful content is key:

The more content that Google defines as useful, the better the chance your site will be found for that particular article or blog. The more relevant the content, the better the chance that Google will recognize it within its search algorithm. Also, Google does look for content that is grammatically correct and well structured.  Poorly written content can be a deterrent to the Google search engines spiders.

Patience is key:

When it comes to organic web-ranking, patience is the key. Keep in mind that building an organic web is a long term process.  I consider organic SEO a long term journey VS. a short term trip. Those that try to sell clients with some secret formula are one of the reasons why this type of marketing has gotten such a bad rep.

Understanding the effort involved:

I find most clients that get “burned” on organic SEO campaigns or marketing plans do so without the full understanding that organic SEO requires time and effort. The amount you get back is directly proportional to the effort you put in. A retail client who thinks his relevant keywords will rank for a few hundred dollars a month is going to get disappointed. Those few hundred dollars a month will not give enough time to pay for the effort required.