Graphics and Web Design

As a web and business marketing consultant, I understand the need to showcase the messaging of a business with a modern web design that not only reflects the business model, but the most likely demographics of the intended user. It is necessary to evaluate the clients likes and weigh that against how the person viewing that design, the graphics and design, will most likely react. A design that simply looks good but does not correctly reflect the intended messaging can end up being a deterrent to the user.

Evaluating the business model:

The first step when coming up with a design is to thoroughly evaluate the business model to determine what design will convey the proper messaging to the client’s intended audience.  What type of branding that would be best suited for one business, might not be appropriate for another. Analyzing current trends and how other business models of a similar type can be helpful as well.

Understanding the target audience:

Once the business model is fully understood, the next step would be to figure out who the most likely intended audience would be. This will depend on the type of business and well as the geographic and demographic profile of the user the client intends to convert. Color schemes that are suitable for users coming from one particular location, might not be as effective for another.

Tying it all together:

Once the business model, as well as the target audience, is fully understood, the next step would be to evaluate what type of web design the client is expecting. For an owner to properly market his and her own business vision, it is important that the design reflects their personality. This is where it is important for the designers to not force ideas that only represent their own vision of the business.

The various types of web designs should flow together to paint a picture of what and how the client intends to showcase the project and / or service that they offer. In most cases, this will start with the logo and general branding designs. Feedback should be gathered during the design process that remain flexible enough for the process to correctly evolve.

Picking the best tools for the design:

The best tools to use when creating a design will depend on the client’s use of the design as well as the type. I prefer to use the Adobe suite to create each type, but what specific application would depend on how the client intends to use what I deliver.  I prefer Adobe Fireworks  for a web page design set, but might opt for Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator for a logo. Active listening abilities  can play as much into the success as the raw skill to design.