Pinnacle Cart

I have actually developed Pinnacle Cart themes directly for the Pinnacle cooperation as a contract developer. At the time I was developing for Pinnacle cart, they offered the option of self-hosted as well as software service. They have since changed their business model so that now the only option is to host with them as a paid monthly service.

Pinnacle prides itself in that all their development team that has an extensive background in business. The company goal of Pinnacle cart is to offer a solid cart that is business-user-friendly.

Pinnacle Cart has made the setup process as easy or possibly the easiest of all the shopping carts in the market. A useful feature is the ability to customize the dashboard based on the preference of the user. This adds to the shopping cart manager’s efficiency as they will be able to set up the cart interface in a manner that works best for them. Another great feature is the way Pinnacle Cart has set up re-occurring billing for customer payments.

A benefit of Pinnacle Cart is that there are 30 built-in templates that have been professionally designed and will work for most businesses with little modifications required. The multi-language packs have been well thought out. This makes Pinnacle Cart a good option for business marketing on the international level.

A nice feature on Pinnacle is the ease at which it accepts data feeds from Amazon, eBay, Google Merchant and Yahoo shopping. This can be a big help when it comes to marketing options for your store.  Setting up products and categories is pretty straight forward in Pinnacle Cart. The pre-populated sample products and categories will act as a useful guide when you are ready to add your own.

Pinnacle Cart allows you to set up the shopping cart to allow users to sign in using social media such as Twitter and Facebook. This type of sign in makes for higher conversion rates. It allows for the easy integration of payment gateways.  One complaint seems to be the lack of 24/7 customer support. The major benefit it provides is when the person managing the store is less technically inclined. Pinnacle Cart really went out of their way to make this cart easy to set up and with little intervention from a technical person.