Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a viable option to increase current customer retention rates. Frequency and method of delivery would be determined by the business type and model.  Most successful businesses use some form of this to keep in touch with their client base. It is important to have something to say other than “please come back and spend more money”. I have used this type of marketing successfully for a number of clients.

Gathering customer data:

Customer data can be gathered through the client’s web site or through the “brick and motor” location, if available. I had a local car repair shop client that had a box with a sign that said “sign up to win a free oil change”. The sign up form included the clients name, phone number and email address. The client would then enter this information into his email marketing system once a week. This type of method can be an effective way to gather customer data.

Keep it Legal:

Most email software systems ensure that customers have a way to “opt out” of the emails. Besides from being against the law, there is nothing people hate more than unwanted email (Spam). Here are the seven steps you can ensure that the email you send out are compliant to US laws.

  1. Provide an unsubscribe option.
  2. Honor opt-outs within 10 business days.
  3. Use legitimate “from” email addresses.
  4. Don’t use deceitful subject lines or headers.
  5. Display your mailing address.
  6. The message should contain at least one sentence.
  7. Monitor your messaging (especially if you contract this out).

Picking an email Software:

Picking the most appropriate software will be based on your business model and current infrastructure  that will support it. The most popular ones, such as mailchimp and constant contact, are easily integrated into most web sites. Your web developer or business marketing expert should be able to help in this area.

Have something to say:

The point in an email campaign of this type is to connect with current clients and have something to say that promotes your business. This can be a new product or service or some discount that you are able to offer-what will determine the business type or model. A business that is focused on a service would more likely offer a seasonal based coupon promoting a service that the client is already aware of. The type of business will determine the type of message sent.