Miva Merchant Cart Developer

Miva Cart is an enterprise level shopping cart solution with its company headquarters located in San Diego, California. It runs on its own on its proprietary scripting language called MIVA Script. Miva Cart is known as one of the faster ecommerce platforms.  The advantage of Miva Cart is many of the add ons are already built into the platform. This disadvantage is the cost for overhead on development as well of the cost to Miva for the cart itself.

Miva Cart is more of a practical solution for an established ecommerce business. The cost of Miva cart in most cases would be prohibitively expensive for a startup business or one that has not already been monetized. Miva Cart is a more practical solution for an enterprise level businesses looking for the features offered by Miva Cart.

Miva Merchant Support

Working with the strategic partnership I have created over the years; I can fully support a Miva Merchant Cart. In many cases I have been able to tackle design and development issues with minimal outside support. This has saved my clients a considerable amount in development costs.  Miva cart in-house support is very well rated.

Miva Cart Consulting

If you have an existing Miva cart you are looking to enhance or looking at Miva Cart as a possible solution, Contact me for a free evaluation. I have strategic partnerships with some of the top Miva Cart development companies.  I have worked on various Miva Cart projects over the past three years. My development experience includes working with US based Miva partners on elements of the project as well as completing assigned standalone tasks.

Miva Cart Design

If you need any design enhancements to your Miva Shopping cart, feel free to send me a message or give me a call. I have experience with a variety of front-end design & development tasks. All design work is approved prior to implementation.