Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing have become a viable way to drive traffic and increase brand recognitions in the past few years. I have successfully used this method of web marketing with numerous clients. With the increasing numbers of people using social media, a properly set up campaign can be a viable option to supplement other forms of business and web marketing.

While Google PPC (pay per click) benefits more from local marketing of a service, social media marketing is better tailored for the product. The main benefit of social media marketing is overall brand recognition for a relatively low amount of effort. A successful social media campaign can be done with as little as 6 hours per week. This is relatively low compare to other forms of marketing.

Brand Recognition:

Social media marketing is perfect to increase brand recognition on the product and service you possibly offer. Connecting with your clients on social media gives a “human connection” that is not seen with other forms of marketing. This is also a good way to stay connected with your current client base.

Increased Search Engine Results:

Because many of the social networking sites have such high page ranks, continuous traffic from these sites to your web site can increase organic results. This can help in getting ranked for desired keywords based on the traffic value coming from the social media sites. This can be a great supplement to other organic marketing efforts.

Understand your client’s needs:

Due to the live nature and interaction with social media, it is possible to get live feedback of your customers experience on your product or service. This will enable you to make adjustments that would most likely not be impossible with a web-only based business, Customers are more likely to share their experiences VIA a social media site than a feedback form.  This can lead to increased revenues through a more loyal client base.

I feel that social media can be a viable marketing options for many businesses and brands. In my opinion, this can generally be used as a supplement to another form of marketing. This can be organic SEO, PPC email marketing or some other forms of business marketing. The relatively low cost and skill set required makes this method especially attractive.