Business Directory Listings

Business Directory Listings are a great way to have your local service type business found by potential customers. If done correctly, this can increase organic rankings. This type of marketing is normally done as a supplement to other types of web or business marketing methods. I have seen tremendous results in areas that are considered small to medium sized markets, when such a process is properly executed. This can be a great way to drive traffic back to your site, as well as encourage customers to call you directly.

Putting together your list:

This list will start with Google +. You will register with Google + and in around two weeks receive a post card with an authorization code that Google uses to verify your business with a physical location.  Once you have gone through this process with Google, it will then be time to create the full list of national and local directories. Many of these will be general to all service industry types, but there will be some that are tailored to your specific type of industry. This is where your web marketing expert can assist.

Getting ready to submit:

Submitting data can be done in two ways. The first way of doing a business directory submission is to use a web-based program that charges monthly fee like Yext. While this is great for the quick and easy solution, it will not get you into the local directories and there are many that are not included. This is probably the only viable solution for a business that does not have experience in manually submitting to these kinds of Directories.

The second way is to submit your list by hand. This can be cumbersome and may require phone calls and follow-ups. Most of these directories offer the free listing as well as the paid service so getting around a sales pitch will be another hurdle. Done this way (and done correctly), I have seen better organic results. This method allows a higher level of control of the data that is submitted.

Make sure the data is the same:

One of the goals of the directory submission effort is for certain keywords to get listed first, as well as in Google + / maps listings. This will work better when the data on your web site matches what is in Google + and that of the other directory listing you submit to. This means that you must have “lane” not “ln.” to match the same EXACT data that Google has in their system.