Web Development

I have been developing web sites for small and medium sized businesses for the past 6 years. I am very fortunate to be able to incorporate my business experiences into my web site builds. This has given me a big advantage in the level of service that I can provide my clients. The approach for one client business model will be different from another, even if it is based on the same service and industry type.

Understanding the business model:

The first step in building up a viable website will be to understand and properly define the business model of the client. Questions need to be asked to determine the vision of the client in order to best implement the business and development plan.

Determining the Budget:

What I can deliver as a final product will be based on the amount of hours I put into the project. Budget will determine the effort and time that can be allotted in the evaluation, creation and marketing of a website. I try to find the best possible solution based on the clients’ needs, factor in the budget, then make my recommendations accordingly.

Recommending the technologies used:

Once I understand the business model and the budget has been defined, I can begin to make my recommendations based on the best technology that matches both. There is no such thing as “one size fits all models”. Each client will have different needs based on backgrounds and levels of experience.

Planning for the future:

Building a website is no different from planning out a physical structure for a “brick and mortar” location. How the business owner or client sees the business evolving over the next 3, 5 to 10 years is important in determining the best strategy for planning during the initial development phase.

I believe my multi-faceted approach to development has served to the benefit of my client’s needs. Understanding the business model is always the first step in web development. This determines design and technologies used as well as the building process in general. The first step in this process is being able to listen to the needs of the client in order to put forth a recommendation the will suit their needs. This is what differentiates a “coder” from a web business marketing consultant.