Guidelines to Picking WordPress Plugins


WordPress would not have the functionality it is known for without the over 20,000 free plus commercially available plugins that enhance the native functionality of the base installation software. These plugins offer enhancements, but at the same time pose risks to a stable and long lasting installation. Being that WordPress is an open source software, anyone with a computer and a free WordPress account can read more »

Using a Duplicator Tool in WordPress


As many of my readers have figured out by now I am a big fan of WordPress. The number of available plugins and the ease to take any design and overlay make it a good option for most small and medium size business web needs. In most cases a WordPress site will be built on a test server and then moved live after the client read more »

SWG Simple Ticket

I would love feedback on this project. I did not see many available plugins that would allow the user to manage the data of a contact form within the back end of WordPress.
Here are a couple screenshots of the back end…


Here is a screenshot of the new ticket menu in the administrative console….

simpleticket_newticket read more »

Location Aware Sites

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We have all seen these websites that serve up content based on the location of the user. This technology gives the user a better experience based on his/her location. Things like language, content, prices, phone numbers and even the look can be dynamically changed based on where the user is in the world.  I have built what I feel is the most flexible plug-in for WordPress read more »

WordPress Plugin Review

I recently released a WordPress portfolio plugin that dynamically displays work by category and multiple categories.  Most available portfolio plugin do not allow an easy way to search dynamically without doing a traditional search that brings back results which can then be reviewed. For clients that have many projects, this not allow for rapid search. I found that most people were using gallery plugins to display their projects. This has severe limitations. I would love any feedback you read more »

My Work

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