Don’t Go Live on a Friday

Don't Break in on Friday

Don’t Break it on Friday

My motto for the past 10 + years has been “don’t break in on Friday”. I have seen too many cases where launching a website at the end of the week , ends up being a problem over the weekend. Most organizations / agencies will not have the available resources to deal with issues that popup over the weekend.

If read more »

Who Is Setting Up the Shopping Cart?

Who Is Setting Up the Shopping Cart

I have done around 70-80 shopping cart website “builds” in my life. Out of that number I have only done the shipping, tax and payment gateway setups for only a handful. I would estimate the number to be about 20%. The reason the number of setups is a fraction of the shopping carts built is that most of my clients are web & marketing agencies. read more »

Stop Spamming Me on LinkedIn


I have had my LinkedIn account for almost ten years. However, it has only been in the past few years that I don’t even bother to read messages. I would say over 90% of messages are from a “white label” agency looking for me to outsource my work to them. In the time I have had my account, I have never sent an unsolicited message read more »

How to Create a Faster WordPress Website with Gatsby.js


WordPress is the most popular CMS / platform in the world with and powers nearly one third of the internet. The problem with WordPress is the load and rendering time of the website. In this article I will cover how to increase your website scores on Google Insight to nearly 100%. Many of the core plugins to create an informational WordPress website such as ACF read more »

Choosing the Right Web Design / Digital Marketing Agency


The majority of the web development work I have done work over the past nine years has been with web and marketing agencies. In all but a few instances, I have had amazing experiences with these agencies who I would highly recommend. There are a few cases where I would not recommend the agency to be able to monetize a client’s online presence. I am read more »

How to Control How Your Website Displays When being Shared on Social Media


Understanding the Open Graph Standard

One of the most common oversights I see when reviewing a website is the improper rendering of the image / content when the website URL / address is shared VIA social media.  By specifying what image will display you will be given another opportunity to promote your brand to your audience.  The standard to control this was introduced by Facebook read more »

Project Delays Add to the Project’s Cost

When I am quoting out a project and specifically a website build, I am doing it with the expectation that there are no unforeseen delays. Project delays add to the total hours consumed and needs to be accounted for in the initial quote. I will outline the major reasons why in this blog. I make the best effort to set my expectations up front when read more »

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