Getting the Most out of Google Analytics

I have placed the Google Analytics tracking code on countless websites that I have either worked on or built over the last decade. It is only in a small percentage of cases where I see that Google Analytics is set up to fully utilize and measure the website’s metrics and how it is converting.

Why Is Analyzing Data So Important?

It is very important to read more »

Why I Recommend Using a Web Agency

I’m asked approximately once a week to take on a project coming directly back from a retail client. In almost every case I turn down the job. I do not believe the amount money saved will benefit the client in the long run. A local web design, development, and marketing agency that is well staffed will be better suited to understand and respond to the read more »

Why I Recommend WPEngine for WordPress Hosting

I have been doing WordPress development coming up on 9 years and the biggest obstacle I have found has been the disconnect between development and hosting. I am fully aware the cost to host a WordPress site can be as little as $1- $3 a month. You get what you pay for. A WordPress site hosted on WPEngine runs faster, is well supported and creates read more »

AMP Mobile Development

What is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated mobile pages. This open source technology is sponsored by Google to combat the need for faster load load times for web pages on mobile devices. You can think of AMP as the lighter weight version of CSS / HTML specifically developed to render for mobile devices. The AMP standard has limited the CSS size 50kb or 50,000 lines read more »

Website Content Migration

Content migration can one of the most time consuming parts of a web development project. This blog is written with the assumption that the website is being built on a CMS such as WordPress. Planning a content migration strategy ahead of time can eliminate a bunch of frustration throughout the life of a web project.

Who Is Doing Content Migration?

Who is doing content migration read more »

Identifying Ideal Businesses for Google Ad Words / PPC

This blog goes along with my video blog with the same name. I will identify the candidates and types of businesses that naturally lend themselves to “Pay Per Click” marketing such as Google Ad Words.

1. Local VS. national

2. Service VS. product

3. Higher value to what is being sold or repeat business (a $99 locksmith might cost $60 in ad spend)

4. End read more »

Displaying Your Designs in HTML for Client Preview

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<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=utf-8” />
<title>Website Mock-up Design</title>
<body style=”width:100%; height:3244px; margin:0; background:url(Home-updated1.jpg) no-repeat center“>
</html> read more »

Understanding WordPress User Roles

In this blog, I will go through the five roles in a stand-alone WordPress site (multi-site has the super administrator for a total of six). Each user role has different capabilities and functionalities. The biggest mistake I see web site owners making is setting all users as administrators. This administrator role can make core site changes that could be pretty hard to control or undo. read more »

Understanding GDPR Compliance

What is GDPR?

GDPR is a new data privacy regulation created by the European Union to regulate how EU member state citizens personal data is used and collected. The regulation itself is an unbelievably long list of rules of protocols to handle personal data and goes into effect on May 25th, 2018.

Most site owners will assume that these regulations do not apply to them. read more »

Who is Doing Backups?

Website backups are a critical part of the success and longevity for any online business. It is critical to understand who is taking responsibility for maintenance and backups as part of the upfront agreement. Many hosting packages offer some sort of backup plan as part of their service, but relying on only them can lead to catastrophe.

Who is doing backups:


As the developer read more »

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