Understanding Shopping Cart Payment Processing

Shopping Cart Payment Processing

In over 80% of the cases I am setting up a shopping cart that has all of the payment processing aspects worked out in advance. Some of these “payment solutions” come packaged together. Many vendors are providing a merchant account as well as the payment gateway as part of a complete solution. The most popular payment gateways are Authorize.net and PayPal. Both of these vendors read more »

Who Is Setting Up the Shopping Cart?

Who Is Setting Up the Shopping Cart

I have done around 70-80 shopping cart website “builds” in my life. Out of that number I have only done the shipping, tax and payment gateway setups for only a handful. I would estimate the number to be about 20%. The reason the number of setups is a fraction of the shopping carts built is that most of my clients are web & marketing agencies. read more »

Identifying Ideal Businesses for Google Ad Words / PPC

This blog goes along with my video blog with the same name. I will identify the candidates and types of businesses that naturally lend themselves to “Pay Per Click” marketing such as Google Ad Words.

1. Local VS. national

2. Service VS. product

3. Higher value to what is being sold or repeat business (a $99 locksmith might cost $60 in ad spend)

4. End read more »

Why Your Online Shop Is Better With A Shopping Cart Software


Adding a Shopping Cart to your website can be considered one of the best things to do if you are planning to start an e-commerce business. Choosing the right shopping cart for your website can greatly boost the sales of your products sold online. This information will help you in identifying the right platform for you. Answers to the most common queries can be found read more »

Shopping Cart Questionnaire

Shipping Configuration:

Shipping Carrier __________
[  ] Flat Rate [  ] Ground [    ] Other __________

Shipping Discounts: [  ] Yes [  ] No, Please Describe if Yes __________

Handling Fees: [  ] Yes [  ] No, Please Describe if Yes __________

Please List Requirements: __________

Other shipping configuration requirements __________

Check Out Requirements:

Will there be a requirement to checkout through the shopping cart read more »

How Not To Get Burned From A Shopping Cart Website Project

How Not To Get Burned With A Shopping Cart Website

There is nothing that scares me worse than a shopping cart website. There are a number of questions and steps that are needed before it would be possible to select the platform and start programming. I have a pretty good questionnaire, but even then it’s possible to miss things. The first step is to understand the full business process, and how the user will interact read more »

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