ADA Compliance Statement

An ADA compliance statement is a critical part to demonstrate your client’s commitment to maintaining an ADA compliant website. There are key elements that an ADA compliance statement should contain. Each element shows the “good faith” effort that can mitigate your legal risk. It is best to have your ADA policy reviewed by legal counsel.

Intro Statement

The intro statement to an ADA compliance statement demonstrates awareness of the legal obligation to maintain a website that is accessible to those with disabilities. There is normally a reference to the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as the acknowledged standard.

What We Have Done

The “What We Have Done” statement covers any build strategies , modifications and/or efforts to render a more ADA compliant website. This is the perfect opportunity to declare when an ADA compliant theme or plugin is being used. An example of this would be as follows:

This website was developed with the theme “Twenty Fourteen by the WordPress team”. This was done per the following WordPresss guidelines “If you are unsure which theme to use for an accessible site, we recommend Twenty Fourteen as a beautiful, full-featured theme that is fully accessible.” from

How We Are Testing

The “How We Are testing” statement covers the methods and the ways the website is being tested for ADA compliance. Providing a link to the software or organization being used shows credibility. Here is an example of this statement:

ShaneWebGuy is using a variety of testing tools including but not limited to Web Accessibility by Level Access and AC Checker. Any adjustments are made based on feedback from these tests.

How Are We Doing?

The “How Are We Doing?” statement covers known issues and any remediation efforts. This will be the place for any links to test results. I recommend to list multiple sources if using a software only solution for testing as opposed to 3rd party certified testing. Any issues that are still present after a test should come with an explanation of the effort made to resolve them.

How Often Are We Testing?

The “How Often Are We Testing?” statement lets the users know the number of times the website is tested in a given period. I generally recommend at least once per quarter. The frequency of testing depends on the traffic of the website, industry type and the amount of ongoing modifications. Here is an example of this statement:

An accessibility scan is done once per quarter based on the following schedule:

First Quarter: January 01 – March 31.
Second Quarter: April 01 – June 30.
Third Quarter: July 01 – September 30.
Fourth Quarter: October 01 – December 31.

Who to Contact for ADA / Accessibility Questions

The “Who to Contact for ADA / Accessibility Questions” should list contact information for users who have questions, comments or concerns regarding the accessibility of the website. This should list contact name, email and any phone numbers. In the case of a business with a “brick and mortar” location, the full mailing address should be added.

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